Jun 18 2017

Bluetooth Speaker On Sale Cheap

Late in the day Father’s Day DaddyDeal on a Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon: Regular price is $99.99, sale price is $27.99. That’s a hot steamin’ deal.

Caveat buyor: I know nothing about this speaker other than the fact that it is on sale. If you get it and like it, let me know.

Source: Amazon.com: Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jun 05 2017

Many Marvel Digital Comics On Sale

Wonder Woman may be all the rage at movie theaters right now, but Marvel is ruling the roost (what does that even mean?) when it comes to digital comics. Why? Big sale! Read on, true believers.

Marvel Comics

When I say “sale” I do mean sale. Like, these are some super cheapo prices for Marvel digital comics. No idea how long these prices will last.


First up — X-Men Epic Collection: Second Genesis. This is the beginning of the X-Men that most people know and love, the team with Colossus and Storm and Nightcrawler. Also Banshee, but he doesn’t last that long, which is too bad because I like him. Wolverine joins soon after, and we all know how popular that guy is. Bottom line: 528 pages for $3.40. SERIOUSLY. Go buy now.

Next — God Loves, Man Kills. This is a famous comic (technically Graphic Novel, since it has the “Marvel Graphic Novel #5” tag) that I don’t think I’ve read. I will now though, because it’s 96 pages for 80 cents.

Infinity War:

Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” movie comes out in 2018 (!!!) but before that you can read the comics the movie is based on.

First up is Infinity Gauntlet (1991) and then Infinity War (1992). “Gauntlet” is 256 pages for $2.20, “War” is 400 pages for $4.00.

Other stuff:

Marvel’s first ever Graphic Novel, The Death of Captain Marvel, might be the best comic of its era. Why? Because it is about what the title says. No more no less. I have this digital edition already and I can honestly say it is amazing in every way. Written and drawn by Jim Starlin, this is a serious book without being maudlin. And Marvel has managed to keep Marv dead all these years, which is impressive. (Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, now goes by Captain Marvel, and she’s the one you’ll be seeing on the big screen in 2019. If you have no idea what that sentence means don’t worry about it.) Bottom line: 128 pages for 80 cents, one of the best comics ever. GO BUY NOW.

Photo of Jim Starlin at the Wizard World comic...

Photo of Jim Starlin at the Wizard World comic convention, Chicago, Ill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a ton more digital comics for sale. I’ll add to this list when I can. Click the links and just go exploring. Or just check out Amazon’s top sellers in Comics and Graphic Novels, which at the moment are all Marvel stuff because of the sale. Remember, I have no idea how long the sale is going on, so don’t get mad at me if you click and find out the price has gone up. Buy now! Now now now! That’s I’m gonna do.

Jul 17 2016

Marvel Digital Comics Sale at Amazon

Marvel digital comics sale at Amazon. Doctor Strange, Thor, X-Men, Iron Man, Howard the Duck, lots and lots of stuff. Check it out, true believers.

Marvel Digital Comics Sale at Amazon

Source: Amazon.com: Featured Sale Titles

Sep 15 2015

Big Sale On These Ear Buds

There’s a big sale on these ear buds. How big? 85%. Amazon Lightning Deal, meaning it’ll end soon.
Price: $119.99
**With Deal: $17.50 Free Shipping for Prime Members**
You Save: $102.49 (85%)
Caveat Buyor: I have NO IDEA if these ear buds are any good. They are, however, inexpensive, at least until the deal ends.

Amazon.com: iQualTech Earphones For Iphone – Ceramic Sculpted Earphones With Microphone For Handsfree Calling And Remote Earphones Black: Electronics

Source: Amazon.com: iQualTech Earphones For Iphone – Ceramic Sculpted Earphones With Microphone For Handsfree Calling And Remote Earphones Black: Electronics

Aug 30 2015

Amazon.com : Purrfect Thermal Mat, Leopard Brown : Pet Supplies

You might want this DaddyDeal if you have a cat. Currently on sale for almost 50% off the regular price.

Amazon.com : Purrfect Thermal Mat, Leopard Brown : Pet Supplies

Source: Amazon.com : Purrfect Thermal Mat, Leopard Brown : Pet Supplies

Jul 17 2014

Super Cheap Wire Shelving Unit on eBay (DaddyDeals)

Nice DaddyDeal on this wire shelving unit from eBay. List price is $269.99, sale price is $59.99. That’s a savings of $210.00, or 78% off. (I didn’t do the math. But I could have if I wanted to. Yes! I could. Stop saying I couldn’t. I’m good at mathing.) Free shipping too. (That one requires no math at all.)

Alera® Complete Wire Shelving Unit w Caster 4 Shelf 48W x 18D x 72H Black | eBay

Limited time offer, your mileage may vary, we take no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of you buying anything, we’re only providing you with a link. Still, if you happen to need some wire shelving, this looks like a darn good deal.

Alera® Complete Wire Shelving Unit w Caster 4 Shelf 48W x 18D x 72H Black | eBay.

Dec 17 2013

Cheapest Kindle Even Cheaper Today Only

Amazon’s least expensive Kindle is even cheaper, at least for a little while. As of this moment (Tuesday 2/17/13) you can get 20 bucks off the entry-level Amazon Kindle, today only. It’s right there on the homepage, just click the enormous banner touting the deal and select “Kindle With Special Offers”. The regular price is $69. Right now it’s $49. That is (drum roll please) 20 bucks cheaper. Who says this isn’t the DaddyTips age of easy math?

A book being read

This is not a Kindle. This is a book. I still read regular books but I also read eBooks on a Kindle. Not at the same time, though.

Note that this deal is being touted by Amazon as “today only,” which for us means “Tuesday, December 17, 2013.” What time-zone is the cut off? Who knows. Your mileage may vary. Also note that the 20 dollar discount is only for the lowest-priced model, the one with “Special Offers”, not any other Kindles. I was a little annoyed about this for roughly thirty seconds before I realized (a) that while I prefer my devices not to have advertising, the Special Offers aren’t that big of a deal, and (b) this is such a First World Problem that I can’t allow myself to whine about it.

Bottom line — actual limited time DaddyDeal here. If you want to save 20 bucks on Amazon’s cheapest Kindle, go forth and make your purchase. Avanti!

Kindle – Best-Selling Ereader on sale — for now, so hurry up and buy it.