May 26 2011

DaddyTips Thursday Link Roundup [Show and Tell]

Worthington Super Links

Another day, another roundup of links to things we’re reading at DaddyTips Mansion. (Which is not a mansion. We promise this is the last time we’ll tell you that. Unless we can’t think of something better, in which case it may come back. You’ll live.) Read more »

Apr 06 2011

Kindle Book For Busy Moms Who Love Stars

Short Biographies of the Stars for Busy Moms Kindle Edition

Hey moms! Great news! If you love stars, don’t have that much time to spend reading about them, and have a Kindle, you can buy Short Biographies of the Stars for Busy Moms! For only $3.99! On your Kindle! It’s even published by something called Bizzy Moms! Because apparently these moms are SO busy, they can’t even spell! Read more »

May 06 2010

A Kindle For Mothers Day [Mothers Day Gifts]

A Kindle For Mothers Day

Here’s an idea — get mom a Kindle for Mothers Day.

Why a Kindle? Well, despite the fact that the iPad got all the media attention, the device is not for everyone. The Kindle is much more like a book. The screen has no illumination, and before you say “but that’s a bad thing”, remember what else has no illumination — paper. The reading experience is much closer to the way us old folks have been reading for years, despite the iPad’s nifty page turning animation.

Also, if you’ve waited this long to get your mom or the mother of your children a gift, Amazon is offering free overnight shipping for Mothers Day. So it will actually get there in time. Something to think about.


Mar 31 2010

Pop Up Books Won’t Work On A Kindle

Someone needs to explain to Jeff Bezos that Pop Up books won’t work on a Kindle.


Screenshot from the page for Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy.

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