Apr 03 2013

The Avengers Sound Clips (Links)

A pleasant moment’s time waster for those who dig The Avengers movie. Audio clips of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, everyone. Link is below. Have fun.

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The Avengers sound clips – Movie Sound Clips.

Marvel’s The Avengers (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy) at Amazon.com

Feb 28 2013

New Iron Man 3 Poster Explains Something

Topless Robot has a new poster from Iron Man 3. That would be enough for us, but they also offer an explanation about why the Avengers movie is called “Avengers Assemble” outside the U.S. Read more »

Jul 15 2012

Robert Downey Jr Surprises Kids at Comic Con (Video)


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You know who’s a good dude? Robert Downey Jr. Why do I say this? Because he made a surprise appearance at a kids’ costume costume at the San Diego Comic Con. Want proof? Check out the video below. Read more »

May 21 2012

Fan-Made Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

This fan-made Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline at FilmBuffOnline is version 2.0. Yes, there was a first version, but it wasn’t good enough, so it was made again. It tracks all the various stuff that has happened onscreen from the first Iron Man film to The Avengers. I love it. And there’s no way I would have done it.

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May 10 2012

Let’s Talk About The Avengers Movie

I know this is, like, days after The Avengers movie opened, but I’ve been talking about it non-stop with everyone I see. And while I am usually the person who brings up the topic, no one has yet said, “No! Please! Anything but that!” So let’s talk about The Avengers, shall we?

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A number of people have asked me what I thought of The Avengers. They know that I am a proud Geek Gold Card member, and I’ve been yakking about this thing for months, if not years. I’ve been told that people enjoy listening to my yakking about superhero movies because I’m really, really into it. (Note: I am also passionate about other topics, and people have been known to enjoy my yakking about those as well.) I’m going to list some of my thoughts about the film here. This isn’t a review per se, but for those of you who haven’t seen it yet — and why haven’t you? — I may reveal plot elements, etc. That’s a spoiler warning for those who worry about such things. And now — Avanti! (That’s my version of ‘Excelsior!’ It’s not as good, but maybe it will catch on in time.) Read more »

May 02 2012

Watch Animated Thor and Loki on Netflix (Avengers Movie Countdown)

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As we eagerly await the Avengers movie, you can watch animated versions of Thor and Loki on Netflix.

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Apr 14 2010

Iron Man on Blu-Ray at Amazon [Deals]


You can get Iron Man on Blu-Ray at Amazon for only $16.99. That’s for the Ultimate Two-Disc Edition with BD-Live, which I think means the actors will actually come to your living room and do a dramatic reading of the film.

Or it has something to do with the Internet. Who knows.

Either way, it’s a great movie, and if you haven’t seen it, you need to check it out before Iron Man 2 comes out. And if you have seen it, don’t you want to see it again? Or maybe that’s just me. Nah, it’s not just me, it’s you too. Trust me.

Iron Man on Blu-Ray at Amazon, $16.99