December 29, 2017

Adjust Volume Using Audacity (Tech Tip)

I’ve been podcast (listen!) and the episode I recorded today was too loud. My software of choice is Audacity because it sells for my favorite price – FREE dollars. Plus it works, and has a lot of high-end features. For example, you can fix it if your volume is too loud. That’s today’s DaddyTips tech tip.

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sou...

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sourced from: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audacity has a tool called the envelope tool. It looks like this:

Audacity Envelope Tool


Hopefully you can see the arrow better than me. (I’m colorblind.) If you can’t, it’s the thing in between the Selection Tool and the Draw Tool. If you hover your mouse pointer over each tool on the toolbar it tells you what the tool is called. Ah, screw it. Here’s another screenshot, but this time the envelope tool is circled.

Audacity Envelope Tool Circled

Anyway, what you do is click that tool. That will select your track. Then you can drag a little bubble up and down and that will reduce or increase the volume of the track. There is probably a way to do just a section of the track but I don’t know what that is.

I got this info from WiredPen, a website by the extremely talented Kathy E. Gill, who is clearly cooler than me because she’s wicked smart and she rides a motorcycle. (Seriously, I mean that. She seems very cool.) Without this helpful tip my podcast would have been unlistenable.

Below are my podcast episodes. The one from 12/29/17 is here.

Listen to me early and often, especially now that I know how to fix the volume.

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Happy New Year!

h/t by Kathy E. Gill

December 18, 2017

Chris Hemsworth And Kid Are Adorable

The passing of the torch #thorragnarok

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December 18, 2017

None of These Celebrate Chanukah

None of these celebrate Chanukah. WAR ON CHANUKAH!

The new series features a pair of penguins visiting tropical-weather family

Source: December Global Festivities Marked by Google Doodle | Time

December 18, 2017

Dear Kevin Hart, I Bathed My Kid

Kevin Hart needs to learn that it’s not the 1950s anymore.
Watch his monologue from SNL on December 16, 2017.

Ha ha. Very funny. But what’s that bit about “I gotta give it up for the women”? “You take care of the bathing” or whatever the hell it is?

Dude. I hate that I have to keep saying this but MEN DO THAT TOO. And I don’t just mean in general. In my case, I was — and am still — the primary caregiver.

What I would have preferred he say is “I gotta give it up for my wife.” Would that have been less funny? I don’t think so.

Just so there’s no confusion, I am not hyper offended. I’m not even offended. I would just prefer that the idea that only women can take care of kids, as in not work and take care of kids, would stop. It’s not going to. But I’d like it if it did.

December 16, 2017

BB8 Bows Princes William and Harry

Yes this is cute and yes I’m an idiot. May the Force be with us all.

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December 16, 2017

Yeah, That’s About Right

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December 7, 2017

NFL Should Not Be Convincing Parents To Let Kids Play Football

This article from ESPN about the state of the NFL under Roger Goodell had a line that made me go “hmm”.

NFL Convincing Parents To Let Kids Play Football? No

“How it will convince mothers that their kids should be allowed to play football.”

So… no.

First, is this article suggesting that fathers have no say in their children playing football? Or that fathers are throwing their children onto the gridiron whether they like it or not? I don’t think so. Can we at least start saying “parents” instead of “mothers” unless we’re talking about breast-feeding?

Second, and this is my main point — how the hell is it the NFL’s job to convince parents to “let” their kids play football? Answer: it isn’t. I suppose the idea here is that to keep a fresh supply of players in the pro league you need kids playing pee-wee football. (Pee-Wee!) To me, the NFL’s job is to make sure parents are informed about the dangers of playing football, and then parents can make their own decisions. If nothing else, the NFL shouldn’t be PREVENTING that information from coming to light, something they have almost certainly done.

Really though, is it the NFL commissioner’s job to “convince mothers that their kids should be allowed to play football“? Fuck no.